Grow your Network

AWLC hosts several weekly and monthly events.
We invite you to join our events and form a part of our club. 
We connect with English-speaking women of different cultures and backgrounds, join us and grow your network. 
We offer a variety of events, social clubs, interest groups that will help you connect with like minded women.  

Type of Events

- Monthly Meetings
- AWLC@Night
- Kaleidoscope
- Virtual Events


- AWLC Cultural
- Noche de Música
- Summer Luncheon
- Christmas Tea

Current Virtual Events

AWLC is now virtual!
Join our monthly events to connect with English speaking women from all over Lima and now, globally.

We are currently hosting:
- Monthly Meetings
- AWLC Cultural
- Book Reading Groups
- And much more!

We can't wait to see you at our next event!

Our annual gala event, Noche de Música y Arte, includes a concert and allows you to appreciate art in many different forms.   

Kaleidoscope is an annual presentation of the literary side of the AWLC. 
 Our goal is to spark courage and inspiration among women with stories to tell. And at each event, we’re reminded of why the name “Kaleidoscope” is so appropriate: to listen to so many diverse voices in a single night is to look into a prism of dazzling, ever-shifting, brightly colored perspectives.


The traditional Summer Luncheon, held in March, is always a wonderful celebration to start off the new year. 

Summer Luncheon

Octubre Cultural is an online arts festival (showcase, music, wine tasting, crafts). Our purpose is to raise funds for education in Perú.

Virtual Events

In the past, the AWLC has frequently reached out to club members who have difficulty attending daytime events. In 2015, the club formalized AWLC@Night to present interesting evening programs two or three times a year for club members, to which family members, friends, and the English-speaking community at large, are invited.


If you are new to Peru, this is a great way to have fun, network, and become immersed in our group.  

Every month we feature a GUEST SPEAKER and a SHOWCASE ARTIST. We update members, mingle and end the session with a delicious tea.  

Monthly Meetings

Noche de Música

If you wish to join us at any of our events, please click here. You can also contact us at or at our social media inbox. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 


Every December, we come together to celebrate each other since the beginnings of AWLC.

Christmas Tea

Our Main Events

AWLC Cultural

AWLC Cultural 2020 was the first of many virtual cultural events.
Come join us!