CECA is the Committee for Education and Community Action. It is dedicated to supporting education in Peru with actions such as organizing English conversation practice for future English teachers, visiting a public school to converse with students in English, collecting books to donate to educational institutions, fundraising for scholarships and to help finance small educational projects. It is in charge of selecting the recipients of these funds and their proper distribution. 

Escuela de Educacion Superior Pedagogica Publica Monterrico

Volunteers offer English conversation practice for students preparing to be English teachers. No Spanish is necessary.


Special AWLC Service Projects

Additional Volunteer Opportunities Outside AWLC
Provides assistance for orphaned and neglected children. 

Asociación Emergencia de Ayacucho 

Caritas Felices

Provides operations for cleft lips/palates, fundraising help, and food for the missions.

CELES "Centro de Lectura, Escritura y Esparcimiento"

DB Peru

Provides health care and education to communities along the Napo River in the Amazon jungle. Current major projects: gender-based violence prevention, cervical cancer, and palliative care.
In addition, the organization provides scholarships for young people. Trips 6+ times a year. Volunteers welcome.

Rurapuk, Critical Thinking Program

Volunteers lead 1 hour workshops about their jobs, fields of study, yoga, English, or any particular area of interest to children, ages 7-12, in Villa Maria del Triunfo. Spanish is recommended, but not essential.

Friends of Father Joe’s

FFJ/ Asocación Juan Pablo Magno was founded by AWLC members to support the orphanage in Lurín started by Father Joe.
Volunteers help with fundraising, activities such as birthday parties, as well as donations and job opportunities for graduates.

USA Girl Scouts Overseas

Organizes Girl Scouts in English for Expat and students enrolled in International schools.

Guias Scouts Peru

Organizes Girl Scout activities in Peru. Welcomes financial support and volunteers to help in activities.

Hogar San Francisco de Asís

“Tony's Kids”, located in Chaclacayo, about 15 miles east of Lima, offers a temporary home for children getting medical treatment in Lima and supports academic and social skills.

Each year volunteers help with a special beach day.

Facebook: 'magiaenperu’

For more than 30 years MAGIA has provided support to Peruvian children with cancer who do not have the financial resources to cope with their disease.
The association was founded by Dr. Teresa Pasco Aysanoa, a recognized pediatric oncologist. Calle San Agustín 634, Surquillo

Mama Victoria's Hogar de Esperanza

MVHE in Chorrillos offers shelter for victims of domestic violence. Their mission is to lift children and women out of poverty through education. The sale of Chocotejas and fresh eggs helps to support the organization as well as job training for residents.

Before/after school day-care program located in Manchay. Volunteers assist in activities, read to kids, help with homework.

Vía Libro

Vía Libro is an NGO supporting community libraries and literacy. This organization needs volunteers for El Agustino library in the center of Lima and reading coaches/partners for the "Leo Contigo" pilot program 3rd - 6th grades in Barranco. VL offers read aloud story time activities, book clubs in Spanish, and welcomes book donations.

Vía Libro activities require Spanish.


Samaria's collection service for recycling & used items supports Hogar Santa Maria, an orphanage for boys in San Juan de Miraflores. If you have items to pick up for recycle or donation, contact
(Spanish only)